Unique features for safe play

Available in 9 base colours, plus 6 special colours! Colours mix and combine with ease.
The clay that mixes effortlessly!

JumpingCLAY contains no gluten.
All JumpingCLAY products are non-toxic, non-allergic and gluten free.

JumpingCLAY is Jasmin scented.
A soft, light and stretchy clay that releases a pleasant natural aroma when in use.

JumpingCLAY is biodegradable and eco-friendly. Kind to the environment and kind to little ones. Produced in Portugal.
It is non-toxic and certified for use for children from 3 years old.

JumpingClay takes 24 hours to air dry so you can create and play with your toy after drying. Your imagination is the limit! Make your own toys!

JumpingCLAY is a mess free clay that does not stain so children can play without worries. It leaves no dirt on surfaces, fabrics and carpets!

JumpingCLAY contains antibacterial properties that incorporates nano-silver technology - acting as a gentle disinfecting agent when in use. Create your toy and play...safely!

Our air dry modelling clay is an unique product. It is very light, soft and easy to model! It´s elastic when in use and when it dries out it bounces!


JumpingClay’s ethos is centred around Education Through Art or Learning Through Play.

At JumpingCLAY we pride ourselves on pioneering and leading the market whilst delivering this concept in an original, fun and creative way for children.

 JumpingCLAY is recognized by professionals as one of the most important art forms that allow cognitive learning and development in children.  JumpingClay is also widely recognised for its mindfulness benefits due to therapeutic qualities.  JumpingClay allows 3D artistic expression, shows fine details and can use different colour combinations that enrich creations.

This is a toy with the ability to integrate occupational therapy, learning development, mindfulness and artistic expression.

Develops problem-solving skills
Strengthens observation, cognitive and concentration
Helps children to verbalize thinking
Encourages understanding of different concepts & ideas
Increases Concentration Levels

Enhances Spatial Awareness
Promotes understanding of the “World Around Us”
Promotes Creative Expression
Builds Confidence
Develops Hand-eye Coordination & Fine Motor Skills

Allows opportunity to develop and increase artistic skills
Promotes relaxation & mindfulness due to therapeutic quality
Increases self-esteem by allowing children to develop own ideas
Stimulates curiosity, observation and self-thinking
Improves social interaction skills when used in groups

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