Be a JumpingClay embassador (Oficial Agent JumpingClay Activities)

The Official Agent JumpingClay Activities (OAJA) are Brand Ambassadors, promoting the most diverse activities possible with JumpingClay products.

They provide and organize various activities, namely, in Schools, Birthday Parties, Thematic Workshops, Local Events and Fairs, as well as providing special experiences in Associations, Community Organizations, Corporate Events, Entertainment for Weddings, Retail Activations, among many others!

In this model our OAJA do not need to have a physical space, being able to work from home and do JumpingClay activities in the most diverse places, like schools, ballrooms, offices, articulated houses, etc.

Being OAJA JumpingClay is always counting on the support of the brand, namely through specific and continuous training in modelation tecniques and knoledge of the support materialsfor the Business Plan elaboration.

Some activities we like the most:

Thematic Workshops - Simple 1 / 2hr workshop to create a toy that children can take with them and keep forever.

Birthday Parties - A creative way to celebrate a special day with activities with a group of children;

JumpingCAMP - Full day of activities (one or more days) to entertain children during school holidays;

After-school Clubs - Intensive programs made up of several 1-hour workshops to develop creativity 3D thinking and artistic skills;

Events, Fairs and Parties - Various activities organized with groups of children, very fun, interactive and dynamic!

Do you want to build your business with JumpingClay and be part of our OAJA network?

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