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Cookies are small text files with relevant information that the access device (computer, mobile phone/smartphone, or tablet) loads, through the Customer browser (internet browser, such as Internet Explorer, Google Chrome, Firefox, etc...), when they visit a website. The placement of cookies will not only help the site to recognize their device the next time the Customer visits it but will also be essential to provide a good browsing experience.

The cookies used by do not collect any personal information that would identify the user. They only store generic information, such as how or where/country users access the site and how they use the site, among others. Cookies only retain information related to the Customer preferences and navigation.

The user can, at any time and through their browser, decide to be notified about the reception of cookies, as well as block their entry into the user’s system. It should be noted, however, that refusing to use cookies on the site may result in some areas not being able to access the entire browsing experience.

In general, cookies are used to improve the user's browsing experience, increasing speed, response efficiency, and eliminating the need to repeatedly enter the same information. All browsers allow the user to accept, decline, or delete cookies, namely by selecting the appropriate settings in their browser

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