JumpingClay, being a modeling mass (editable-grade PVA) has a set of properties, unique in the world. It has an innovative educational concept through its unique and differentiating features:

  1. Soft, lightweight, elastic, and easy to model
  2. After drying it develops elastic properties, which inspired the name JumpingClay
  3. Ecological and water soluble
  4. 100% safe, and incorporates nano-silver technology to prevent the spread of germs, non-toxic, gluten-free, with antibacterial particles, non-allergic and completely harmless if ingested accidentally
  5. Natural Jasmine scented
  6. Dry’s naturally and cracks free
  7. Comfortable, adhesive (without sticking to the hands or surfaces) while keeping the space clean and easy to work with. No need for glue has JumpingClay has a strong adhesive power
  8. 9 base colors that originate many more and 6 special colours.


JumpingClay is an educational tool.Our PVA based JumpingClays is unique and the most advanced craft modelling clay in the worl. Modelling clay is one of the methods in the training of children. It allows working the artistic expression in 3 widths, expressing details and using various combinations of color that enrich the presentation.

JumpingClay comes with a new concept of Education through Art, where we unite the magic of PVA with the educational concept, presenting a fun learning. These features make JumpingClay toys have a double concept, if on one hand guarantee entertainment, on the other it is important to note that JumpingClay plasticine also allows the development creativity, coordination, sense of animation and 3D; being a toy with capacity to integrate the therapy activities and the following therapeutic processes:

JumpingClay is made of edible-grade PVA with more benefits - lighter, easier to mold and allows the learning of the full color palette, with great application in educational, fun and therapeutic activities. 

1. Observation and analysis
2. Simplify and design basic shapes
3. Exercise physical dexterity and motor coordination
4. Know the different mixture of colors and proportion learning
5. Concepts of symmetry, size, space and content
6. Development of problem-solving skills
7. To explore creativity and imagination, through autonomous thinking and its practical application
8. Relax with a soft material generating a better emotional state
9. To strengthen the observational, cognitive and concentration skills
10. To improve artistic skills
11. Increase self-esteem by developing each ones´ own ideas
12. Stimulates curiosity, observation and self-thinking
13. Improving social interaction skills when done in a group

JumpingClay also offers the possibility of therapeutic rehabilitation programs, helping and encourage some patients with physical and mental disabilities to gain confidence and improve muscle development. This method of rehabilitation can help people recover from serious brain damage in their motor skills

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